Volunteering and protection

Long-term work of volunteer groups in state institutions - hospitals, orphanages, nursing homes, retirement houses, etc.

Concisely about the main thing

One of our specializations is social volunteering, that is, organizing long-term and regular work of volunteer groups in state institutions – hospitals, orphanages, retirement houses, nursing homes, as well as working with disabled people, large families, the elderly and homeless.

Our volunteers distribute flowers and gifts on the street during the holidays, deliver food and medicine to the elderly, bring equipment, stationery, gifts and toys to orphanages. Everything to make this world a little kinder!

Do you want to become a volunteer?

Think about who you would like to help: children in hospitals, orphans, the elderly in nursing homes, or the homeless. Have you decided yet? Then call or email us right now, and we will definitely call you for a short interview.

Our volunteers work in Ukraine, Poland, Germany and Kazakhstan. The staff who will be hired by our employees will be able to go to full-time work as a volunteer, to any country where our branches are present.

Our achievements

More than 1000 volunteers involved in our organization
30 different events were held in 7 cities of Poland
Our volunteers have raised more than 130,000 zł for those who needed it

Pictures of our activists

Julia Adamowicz
Julia Adamowicz
Julia Adamowicz
Julia Adamowicz
If you have any questions or suggestions about cooperation, you can contact us by filling in a special simple form below...
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