Support for orphanages

There are no someone else’s children, they are all ours. They all need care and warmth, and children left without parents need help more than anyone else.

Concisely about the main thing

Although orphaned children in foster homes are under the care of the state, perhaps few people will argue that their life is very different from the life of children who have a full-fledged family.

There are more than 100,000 orphans in Europe who need your love and support. But often children are simply being sent gifts once a year and remain forgotten, considering being helped to the utmost. And this is a vast problem of charity in the world society. Of course, the material part is very important, but it does not help the child get ready for adulthood.

While the children are in the orphanage, it is not a problem for them to be clean, tidy, well fed, etc. As soon as they grow up and leave the orphanage, life becomes not too easy for them.

The goal of our foundation is to help children assimilate in modern society. Many children are aggressive, anxious or afraid of other people – we target on fixing this. We visit orphanages, help children financially, provide psychological support, conduct entertainment programs, master classes and other educational events.

Our achievements

We finance and support orphanages in Warsaw and other Polish cities
We take part in the life of children in orphanages, hold games and events
4 institutions in Warsaw have already been provided with everything necessary and do not need help

Pictures of our activists

Julia Adamowicz
Julia Adamowicz
Julia Adamowicz
Julia Adamowicz
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