Helping the LGBTIQ+ community

Our main goal is to create a society free of prejudice in order to eliminate discrimination, violence and homophobia.

Concisely about the main thing

Persecution and hostility, the inability to resist the system in Soviet times contributed to the formation of a special subculture of homosexual and bisexual people in Ukraine.

Unlike in Western countries, where LGBTIQ+ society has become a serious alternative to the traditional way of life due to the ability to openly express their position, the USSR has formed a subculture closed to the uninitiated, which allowed homosexual and bisexual people to organize their private lives in conditions of persecution. Important boundaries of this subculture were the absence of a single community as such, fragmentation and well-founded secrecy.

Our main goal is to create a society free of prejudice. That is why the work of volunteers will be aimed at eliminating discrimination, violence and homophobia. If you share the ideas of equality and respect, you can contribute to the development of modern society right now.

Types of help we provide

Psychological assistance
Since homophobia and transphobia are still widespread in our society, issues of trust and understanding are particularly important for the LGBT community. That is why one of the main areas of our work is related to the provision of psychological assistance. The organization employs only LGBT-friendly specialists who conduct face-to-face and online consultations. Their main goal is to provide the necessary assistance to all those who need it.
Legal assistance
We cannot just leave the violence, discrimination and persecution of the LGBT movement, and if at least one of the above happens, our lawyers will prepare lawsuits, we will give legal support, and we will encourage law enforcement officers to initiate criminal cases. In other words, everyone will be completely safe with us, both morally and legally.
Medical care
Our organization has compiled a database of friendly doctors who are ready to provide free information on changing or correcting gender, and are also ready to sponsor such operations if necessary. In other words, if a person wants to change their gender, they can send us a request, and we will cover the operation costs at our own expense. We have made the services of endocrinologists, psychotherapists, family doctors and other specialists available. You can be sure that you and your beloved ones will be treated with understanding.
Financial assistance
You can use all the services provided by our specialists, or we can provide you with financial assistance for individual court proceedings, for paying for lawyers, or for medical services. In other words, in addition to providing services from our organization, we are also willing to finance services from other organizations.
If you have any questions or suggestions about cooperation, you can contact us by filling in a special simple form below...
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