Provided assistance as of 31.03

Provided assistance as of 31.03
31 March 2022Ogólny

At the moment, the whole world is stunned by the terrible news. Russia attacked Ukraine, our motherland. It is the duty of its residents, including US and our foundation, to do everything we can do to help. Help the military, help those who escaped from this hell.

Our charity foundation “Blessing for people” has also taken on this mission.
More than 20 tons of humanitarian aid have already been collected.
Purchases for children: clothes, baby food, diapers, medicines
Purchases for the army: 150 pieces of bulletproof vests, 200 first-aid kits, thermal imagers. In addition, more than 230 men from the territorial defense were provided with the necessary military ammunition.

People who are unable to live in adequate conditions have also been provided with humanitarian aid. Products of long-term storage (canned food, groats, etc.) and personal hygiene items.

We sincerely hope that with your help we will continue to support the Ukrainian people and Ukrainian forces.

If you have any questions or suggestions about cooperation, you can contact us by filling in a special simple form below...
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