😔Every Ukrainian remembers this day.

😔Every Ukrainian remembers this day.
24 April 2023Ogólny

😔Every Ukrainian remembers this day.
This story, a separated family, a lost home, life in basements and bomb shelters, tears in the eyes of children and mothers – this is the reality experienced by hundreds of thousands of families and millions of Ukrainians.

We help these and other families every month. We help them financially, with food parcels, we support their men at the frontline and their women and children in different cities around the world.
We help and look forward to seeing all these families gather at home again for a cozy family dinner.

We are waiting for the victory 🇺🇦, it is already close 🙏

You can also join in by making a donation at linkiem⤵️

Assistance to the defenders of Ukraine in the war with Russia

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