Attention! Scammer!

Attention! Scammer!
20 October 2023Ogólny

Julia Adamowicz

Julia Adamowicz

Dear visitors of our website, partners and all those who contribute from the bottom of their hearts!

Charitable foundation “Blessing for people” values its reputation. Therefore, we consider it necessary to inform you that our name is brazenly used in the city of Munich for selfish and fraudulent purposes.

This fraudulent group is headed by (Illya Podunay). The office is located at .
City of Munich
Garmischer str 4
5th floor
24 office
Scammers are using our foundation documents and the reputation we have built over the years.

This group of people conducts illegal collections in Germany in the city of Munich. Please be careful not to fall victim to the theft of your funds right on the streets of the city. The money that is donated to this organization does not go to charity.

“Blessing for people” is taking all possible measures right now to stop the scammers!

Thank you for your time and trust, and we apologize and promise to bring justice.

If you have any questions or suggestions about cooperation, you can contact us by filling in a special simple form below...
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